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              Runyu Water Soluble Fertilizer (Increasing Fruits)

              Current classification:水溶肥(藍桶)

              Runyu Water Soluble Fertilizer (Increasing Fruits)

              hotline:hotline 400-707-6188
              • Product description
              • Specifications

              Suitable crops:

              The solanaceous vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, tomato and hot pepper; the melons like water melon, muskmelon and honeymelon; strawberry; leaf vegetables; the root and tuber crops like ginger, garlic and potato; fruit trees like apple, pear and peach.


              Timing of fertilizer application:

              The fertilizer can be applied at different growth stages. It is mainly applied at the seedling transplanting stage, the growth stage and the fruiting stage. Fruit vegetables needn’t be fertilized if they do not lack nutrients before fruiting so as not to make them get spindly.


              Frequency of fertilizer application:

              The fertilizer is applied once through irrigation water between 7 and 15 days. It is applied with 91.05 kg in each acre of the field each time. Specific application rates depend on the fertility of the soil, crop varieties and stages. It will be more effective if it follows the instructions of the series of Runyu instructions.



              1. Balanced nutrition. It contains the essential elements like N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Zn and B. It contains humic acid and amino acid. It has probiotics and their metabolities like polypeptide, polysaccharide and antibiotics. It does not contain synthetic plant hormone or modifier.

              2. Scientific formula. The formula is specifically based on the soil condition, proper fertilization techniques and the farmer’s problems with fertilizer application. The nutrients are balanced so as to fully realize the interactive effects of the nutrient elements. The fertilizer is non-toxic and safe to use.

              3. Advanced techniques. According to the features of the nutrients, it is made with advanced techniques like complexing, chelation, activation, hydrolysis and directed culture. It is fully soluble. It provide easy absorption. It is available quickly. It is efficient. Its application rate is high. It is stable, too.



              1. Improving soil fertility. The fertilizer improves soil organic matter in the soil, enhances its functions of conserving water, maintaining fertility and ventilation. It helps probiotics multiply, enhances the soil granular structure, reduces soil pollution, improves salt tolerance, increase the soil fertility and optimizes the fertilizer application rate.

              2. Strengthening the roots and increasing resistance to disease. The fertilizer strengthens the roots and plants. It promotes crops to absorb nutrients. It increases the resistance to drought, cold and disease. It effectively reduces the problems like mal-development, root rot and dead stalks caused by soil-borne disease.

              3. Enhancing metabolism and photosynthesis. By means of the comprehensive stimulation of humic acid, it obviously improves the synthesis of biological activities of various plant enzymes like protease, amylase, FOD, CAD and POD. It increases chlorophyll content of crops, makes leaves greener, increases photosynthetic capacity, accelerates the synthesis of amino acid, protein and carbohydrate, and prevents premature senility.

              4. Increasing yield and improving quality. This product has significant effects on crop yields. It increases the content of amino acid, protein, amylum, sugar and Vitamin C in fruits. It makes the fruits grow faster, bigger and more colorful. It produces high yield, early ripening, high quality, easy storage and tolerant to storage and transportation.

              Content of macro elements:

              200 g/L, including N≥80g/L,  P2O5≥40 g/L, K2O≥80 g/L, humic acid≥30 g/L, amino acid≥20 g/L

              Nutrient composition and contentUnitg/L














              amide nitrogen 












              Biochemical humic acid


              pH(Thinning 250 times)


              Amino acid





              This product meets the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture: water insoluble matter content≤50g/L, CL≤30g/L, Na≤30g/L, As≤10 mg/kg, Pd≤50 mg/kg, Hg≤5mg/kg, Cd≤10 mg/kg and Cr≤50 mg/kg.



              Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight, rain, children and food. After the package opening, Reseal after opening. The crystalline substance and sediments have no negative effects.